Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: (Ottawa) Come Blow Your Horn!

An entertaining trip back in time
by Robyn Lester

As soon as you enter the Ottawa Little Theatre, you know you’re in for a treat. Music from the 1960s is playing.  Ray Charles. The Marvelettes. The atmosphere is fun, light, and lively.  And this production of Neil Simon’s, Come Blow Your Horn, is exactly that. First produced in 1961, this play brings the audience on a delightful trip down memory lane, with themes that are still entirely relevant today.  

Growing pains. Every character is struggling with them. Struggling with their transition into a new phase of life. It’s a reality for all of us, but this play manages to take that reality and make it absolutely hilarious.  The two hours of non-stop fun is kicked off when 21 year old Buddy Baker (Connor Marghetis) unexpectedly shows up at his brother, Alan’s (Corey Pelow) New York bachelor pad.  Buddy has run away from home! He’s free! He’s cut the umbilical cord! He’s an adult now!  Oh, and can he stay here for a while? 

Throw in the wonderfully glamorous and authentic costumes, and the production was brought to a whole new level.

The whole production was absolutely superb.  Under the direction of Sarah Hearn, the actors came alive in this incredibly energetic play. The performances were spot-on, and the great delivery of lines combined with the effective use of stage space made the comedy of this piece sing. Pelow and Marghetis have great chemistry on stage, depicting the perfect mix of brotherly love and resentment.  Louis Lemire and Cathy Nobleman knock it out of the park with their portrayal of the over-protective, over-dramatic parents.  The strong performances of Anne van Leeuwen as Connie Dayton, and Joey McDougall who played the ditsy Peggy Evans to near perfection, further add to the entertainment.  

It is obvious that the whole team worked hard to make the 1960s vibe come alive. The set was extravagant.  Equipped with a kitchenette, bar, and all the little decorations that shout “retro”, it was enough to make you want to hop on stage and live there. Throw in the wonderfully glamorous and authentic costumes, and the production was brought to a whole new level.

So if you’re looking to rehash the good ol’ days, definitely check this production out. It was an absolute joy to watch! 

Oh, and keep any eye out for Aunt Gussie!

Runs until May 11

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  1. The cast and crew of "Come Blow Your Horn" are thrilled and honoured by your entirely correct review of our show :-)


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