Monday, April 8, 2013

Openings We're Tracking This Week, April 8-14, 2013

Cameryn Moore

It should come as no surprise that Cameryn Moore is a CharPo favourite. We admired her first as a writer/actor in her solo piece Phone Whore (which went on to have a long and healthy life...still does!). We then adored her weekly columns here, Tour Whore and creating a/broad. If you have been following the latter you know she has been preparing Release. In it she promises to present the people she has met while writing sidewalk porn and in her "real job" as a phone-sex operator. Moore, whose comfort zone is pretty fluid, has publicly acknowledged she is stretching it very far indeed, as an actor especially. We can't wait! (Montreal)

Oklahoma! is what it is - the musical that changed everything, the musical that made dance an integral part of musical theatre, the musical that gave us some of the greatest works in the American Songbook ("Oh What a Beautiful Mornin", "The Surrey With The Fringe on Top", and of course the title song), it was the musical that "made" Rodgers and Hammerstein who went on to create most of the great musicals of America's middle period (Sound of Music, South Pacific, The King and I). Yes, its corn is as high as an elephant's eye but you'll still love it. (Vancouver)

What can you say about a real mother and a real son telling a real story about meddling, arranged marriage, honour and family? Well you can start by saying that Asha and Ravi Jain's A Brimful of Asha has absolutely captured the hearts of the country - audience and critics. The writers play themselves as they tell their tale in this most unusual play that is as meta as it meltingly moving. (Toronto)

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