Thursday, October 10, 2013

Picture of the Week, October 10, 2013

Michael Cooper took this heart-breaking shot of a key moment in the opera Peter Grimes, now playing at the COC. Pictured here are soprano Ileana Montalbetti as Ellen Orford and Jakob Janukta (in a mostly mute role - except for one horrific moment in the piece). Peter Grimes is one of the great stories: a man impossible to love - the archetypal outsider - that Ellen Orford tries desperately to love. But there is a turning point and by looking at this photo you can guess what it is. However, beyond capturing a plot point, Mr. Cooper - as usual - created a painting: the blackness behind framing the pair, the way the light falls on colours and faces, and even the shadows remind us that Grimes is, if you'll permit some phrase-making, ambivalence-making. 

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