Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: (Toronto) I Am Very Far (SummerWorks)

Rapid Fire Grief
by Winna Tse

Presented by Pressgang Theatre, I am Very Far is quite the experience. Written and directed by Graham Isador and Yevgeniya Falkovich respectively, I am Very Far is a story about a young man trying to piece together his feelings about the death of his father. Told through rapid dialogue, interactive video, live music and movement, the feeling of loss and resentment is effectively captured.

The actors are clearly talented and demonstrate great poise but despite this, it is overwhelming. The dialogue weaves inexplicably in and out through different passages of events and becomes more and more confusing to follow and at times uncomfortable. As the play progresses, I feel more agitated and more frustrated than when I started. If this is the intent, then to that end I am Very Far succeeds. 

I Am Very Far is at SummerWorks

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