Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: (Edmonton) Circle (Fringe)

La Ronde
by Rebecca Edgewood
Circle is a rare thing for a Fringe festival.  It’s a smart, sophisticated, well-crafted two-hander, with two solo performers:  a comedic actress and a dramatic storyteller, coming together to perform in what is described in the Fringe program as ‘a daisy-chain of sexual encounters’.  And yes, there are indeed sexual encounters. Many of them, in fact, with each character (and there are several) being portrayed from two entirely different angles throughout the play. The writing - by New York director and playwright Suzanne Bachner - is snappy and sophisticated, and the actors do the clever script full justice.
Christel Bartelse  plays an impressive range of characters:  from an obsessed music fan to a wife desperate for intimacy. Her co-star, Bob Brader, is a delight. His acting is flawless, and each character is utterly believable. His gay cowboy is a noted contrast to the manipulative frat boy, and as he progressed through the ‘daisy chain’, I loved and then hated and then wanted to slap (or flog) each of his characters. Even if some of the situations are a bit extreme, there are elements in this play that will resonate with everyone. So strap on your – well, strap-ons, hurry down to the Edmonton Fringe, and experience this ‘Sexy daisy-chain of sexy sex’, that has been selling out (for good reason) all across Canada this summer.

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