Thursday, August 29, 2013

Devil's Advocate #3

Devil's Advocate Question #3

Talk to a young artist and you will get a tale of woe about The Canada Council refusing funding. Talk to older artists and they will hit you with stories of croneyism and prejudices among peer juries at the Council. Speak to new-arts creators and you'll get a song and dance about the Council not "getting" tech (ebooks, web sites, online journalism, multi-media involving the latest advances).

The Canada Council is broken so how the hell can it be fixed?


  1. I might be skirting the issue here but I don't know that a majority of people will ever be satisfied with an arts council given the interpretive nature of art and the difficulty of proving croneyism, however I do think that a council's 'constitution' should be updated every 2 years (more or less) to reflect the massive changes in technology that are revolutionizing our ability to create and distribute art globally. The world is changing and we need to ride the wave!

  2. I could not agree with you more. But you have put your finger on the main problem as I see it - the machinery of the Council lumbers along and change is slow-to-nonexistant. Do we honestly think such mechanisms can be put into place? (GLC)

  3. you can't turn a massive ship with any speed or nimbleness.


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