Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: (Toronto) Morro and Jasp - Go Bake Yourself (Fringe)

Cook This!
by Zoe Erwin-Longstaff

There is a plentiful share of comedic duos at this years Fringe. So why aren’t more of them women?  Fortunately, we do have clown duo Heather Annis and Amy Lee, that is Jasp and Morro, capably venturing into novel territory in their one hour cooking show extravaganza.  Prissy Jasp plays “straight man” to the unruly Morro; Morro wants to play Battle Kitchen Stadium, while Jasp would rather mince about Betty Crocker-like.  The two of them elbow each other out of the way in a constant struggle of who will be Sous, to the other’s Top Chef. Their robust physical comedy is put to great effect.  Jasp bounds up and down the aisle sharing their latest concoctions. Morro beckons us to the stage to take part in a strenuous gladiator-style carrot-peeling competition. 

But the real drama takes hold when Jasp abandons the whole operation to eat her deliciously prepared munchies with a boy.  Desolate Morro is abandoned on stage, strumming her ukulele in lamentation.  This was the most affecting moment, a sad clown abandoned and inconsolable without her comedic counterpart.  

Of course, Jasp eventually returns, and we all come together in a pie-eating ceremony with Morro knighting us before doling out delicious fresh-baked raspberry tart.  A deliciously funny evening for all!    

Morro and Jasp - Go Bake Yourself is at the Toronto Fringe

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