Thursday, July 11, 2013

Picture of the Week, July 11, 2013

[Photo credit has been corrected]
Pictures for Fringe shows are hit or miss at best, but Max B. Tezlerow's  Max B.Telzerow's for Mo and Jess Kill Susie are not only as troubling as our reviewer said the play was, but are also darkly lovely in their own right. Here, the Susie of the title (Jaclyn Francis) stands in a nightmare-scape with even the ground under her feet uncertain and dangerous. The three tiers of the photo are in stark contrast to the central figure's black costume and are a fascinating play of textures. Also note that the symmetry is just slightly off, a detail that virtually inhabits our subconscious.


  1. Love this photo and the play was very well done! Can you correct the photographer's name? The spelling should be "Telzerow." Thanks!


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