Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: (Toronto) God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Fringe)

Where drag meets divinity
A chat with God about whatever lifts your kilt
by Christian Baines
God is a Scottish drag queen. In an 80’s floral power suit, no less. I had always suspected it, but it’s nice to have one’s preconceived theological notions validated.
Mike Delamont dons the shoulder-padded eyesore for a joyously irreverent hour of commentary on all topics from Canada to pop music to ‘how is this pop?’ music to how to build a city out of clouds. To reveal specifics would spoil much of the fun, but Delamont keeps his tone conversational and loose, never beating the deity in a dress gag too hard.
He occasionally touches on the more serious theological questions, such as God’s attitudes to homosexuality (now the number one question God gets asked... officially). A little of the material is gleaned from memes that have been doing the online rounds for some time now (Hello, Pope Benedict!) but there’s something about seeing these retold by the Lord almighty, with the voice of Sean Connery and the wardrobe of Joan Collins that makes this divine conversation impossible to resist. 
As silly as it sounds, and very, very funny.
Duration: 60mins

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