Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Treat / February Heat

Our Second Annual Gallery of Gorgeous

The Charlebois Post likes show folk. All of them! (Really!) But, because we are only human, there are some we like more than others and though - on the face of it - it looks like it is only about their physical beauty it is also because they are all really, really, really talented. (Really!)

Take Quincy Armorer, for instance. Doesn't the talent just radiate out of the eyes of this spanking new artistic director of Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal? Doesn't that wondrous forehead look like it's covering a brain that is just full of ideas and theatre concepts? Of course it does!

(Photo: Robert Popkin)
And Megan Follows (seen here in her recent Nightwood hit The Penelopiad). We were astounded when, as a very little girl, she turned in a truly magnificent performance as Anne of Green Gables, but the woman she is now has also learned to dominate the stage even when wearing gorgeous flowing gowns...just as she did, back when, in the Stratford production of Romeo and Juliet.

...and on the subject of Romeo and Juliet...

What about Ms Follows' Romeo, who is now one of the bosses of Stratford itself, Antoni Cimolino, and has just come off directing the hit Enron at Theatre Calgary. You can tell that if he was named the next artistic director at Stratford he would  be perfect; just look into those dreamy blue eyes.

Regis (photo: David Cooper)
And way on the other side of the country we just know that Marsha Regis will be brilliant in Arts Club's Intimate Apparel this week. The woman just exudes a certain star quality, a certain regal je ne sais quoi.

And while we're in Vancouver, let's talk about Aaron Turner. Montreal's loss is Vancouver's gain as this committed, intense actor proves in this photo of him in his hobby of lumberjack.

Werleman (by Li Chapman)
We once saw a play that featured both Turner and Karl Werleman. It truly was one of the most stimulating nights we've had in or out of a theatre. Our minds were provoked, our senses challenged. All in all, the kind of experience everyone should have at least once in a playhouse. (And it sure was a lot of tall for one tiny venue.)

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Cameryn Moore is sexy (and not just because she says all those mind-bendingly dirty things in her show Phone Whore). We like her well-rounded performances and boy! (screw Dorothy Parker)  men (and women) WILL make passes at girls who wear glasses.

But the sexiest bunch in the country also happen to be right here at The Charlebois Post. We like our men funny...and lying across beds like Matt and Kyle and Matt.

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