Saturday, February 4, 2012

Open Letter From Steve Galluccio to Richard Rose on the Michael Healey Controversy

The Tarragon's decision is both unfortunate and dangerous

(This article has been corrected) This week The Tarragon Theatre decided to cancel an upcoming decided not to programme a production of Michael Healey's play, Proud. (Read details in this Globe and Mail story.) In response, Steve Galluccio published a letter to Tarragon artistic director Richard Rose on Facebook which Mr. Galluccio has graciously allowed The Charlebois Post to publish. (See also Brad Fraser's letter to Mr. Rose)

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Dear Mr. Rose

It has come to my attention that you have cancelled Michael Healey's "Proud" because of your concerns that the play could potentially libel Harper. I was quite shocked and saddened by this decision. The artistic community in Qu├ębec is fighting tooth and nail against Harper's mistreatement of the arts. We were hoping that the rest of Canada would be doing the same. By this most unfortunate turn of events, I see that this is not the case. By canceling the play, the Tarragon is giving in to a government that wishes to all but close down the CBC/SRC, that wants to cut funding to the arts dramatically, and that has removed Canadian artwork from parliament to replace it with portraits of another country's queen. This is a critical time for the arts community in Canada, we must stick together, and stand strong. The Tarragon's decision is both unfortunate and dangerous for it proves that this government does indeed have the power to tear us apart.


Steve Galluccio

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Mr. Rose has been invited to respond.

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