Monday, February 20, 2012

Openings We're Tracking, February 20-26, 2012

This week the community theatre group Eastside Players are premiering a new work (we just like saying that phrase...makes us hum). Rapture, by Joanna Murray-Smith, tells of a group of friends coping with the spiritual awakening among them (see that title). Truly a subject for our time. (Toronto)

Meanwhile, another community company, The Northumberland Players, take on a doozy: Cabaret. If you've been living in a cave, this is the story of an eccentric singer, a writer and Berlin during the rise of Nazism. Rife with some of the best tunes ever, it is always fun and demands an ensemble treatment.

Réjean Ducharme is an enigma. He is still alive but hasn't been photographed in decades. Everyone has a story of having seen him somewhere though that is unlikely. He lets his plays do the talking and what plays they are: lyrical, infuriatingly dense - watching has been compared to being in a drugged state. Ines Pérée et Inat Tendu is one of those - even the name is a pun of contortionist proportions (and virtually un-translatable). As one character declares, "Give me more than everything or give me nothing!" (Montreal)

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