Saturday, December 14, 2013

Review: (Toronto) Little Shop of Horrors

(photo by Seanna Kennedy)

For a Good Time Call: Little Shop of Horrors 
by Keely Kwok 

Little Shop of Horrors is a fun, quirky musical about a bumbling, lovesick fella named Seymour Krelborn who works in a ramshackle of a flower shop on Skid Row. One day Seymour (Mark Willett)  brings a mysterious plant to the shop and calls it Audrey II (after his not-so-secret crush on the shop’s assistant). Audrey II, or Twoey, is unlike anything anyone has ever seen and suddenly business is booming! The only problem is, Audrey II has a rather peculiar diet… human flesh and blood. 

The Lower Ossington Theatre definitely delivers an entertaining, upbeat performance with a talented cast whose vocals hit you all the way in the back row. And it was a tough crowd. A lot of laugh lines didn’t receive a single chuckle but the cast rolled with it. And finally the sleazy Orin (Ryan Jeffrey), worked the room during his song Dentist! and the audience came round. I mean, who can resist that rock and roll, slightly psychotic charm?

Speaking of charm, the trio of dynamic dames Ronette, Crystal, and Chiffon, played by Uche Mckenzie-Ashby, Saphire Demitro, and Elyse Evangelista respectively, are one of the absolute highlights of the show. These ladies bring the flair, the sass, and child do they ever bring the vocals! And all while dancing in perfect synchronization. Whether they were doo-wopping in the background of someone else’s song or crushing that high note, their energy levels and enthusiasm are way up there throughout the entire show. I had a rough week and was running on three hours of sleep but these ladies gave me that kick of adrenaline I so sorely needed. 

And props to the team behind Audrey II! Jacqueline Martin voices the flesh-eating flytrap while puppet master Shannon Dickens maneuvers the mouth. Audrey II comes to life on stage and though you don’t necessarily forget you’re staring at a giant plant puppet, you’re certainly entertained by her attitude. The production value of the show is impressive as well. A revolving stage that takes us in and out of the flower shop along with the multiple doors for entrances and exits, there’s never a dull moment on stage. 

If you’re a musical theatre lover looking for a laugh, some spunky 60's tunes, and a high-energy performance, then Little Shop of Horrors is calling to you. Just ah, bring some band-aids, you’ll be fine! 

Little Shop of Horrors runs Dec. 5 - Jan. 12

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