Friday, December 27, 2013

Pictures of the Year, 2013

[Over 13 days, from December 20-January 2, we will be publishing the best live performance photos or promo shots of the year. We began choosing them by considering the 50 Pictures of the Week we published in 2013. The most difficult decisions involved cutting that down to ten photos and two runners-up. However when it came to deciding Picture of the Year, which we'll reveal January 2, the decision was obvious almost from the moment we originally published the photo. As we show you each photo in this holiday series, we will also share with you what we wrote about it at the time. Enjoy! [and help us spread the word about this magnificent art form: performing arts photography!]

What to say... We like the colours, we like the composition, we like the characters created by Katie Ryerson and Matthew John Lundvall for (respectively) Hal and Falstaff. We like the whole punky feel of both the show and the exquisite Justin Vanleeuwen photo for it.

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