Monday, November 19, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, November 19-25, 2012

Well, if you are opting out of the grotesque spectacle of consumerism that is this season, you may wish to avert your eyes for a bit as - like it or not - companies across the nation are diving head-first into the orgy. However, because the holidays are also about comfort, particularly the comfort of the familiar, those of us in our Christmas sweaters will not want to miss It's a Wonderful Life, that lovely tale in which an angel answers the question: What if I didn't exist? (Vancouver)

Less time-worn, though also finding its source in a movie, is Elf. Buddy has been brought up as a workshop elf even though, just by looking at the tall goomer, you know he doesn't have the bloodlines. So off he goes to New York to find his real family...and, needless to say, the spirit of Christmas. And - hey! - it's a musical! (Halifax)

In the middle of the country things are a little more kitchen sink and a little less Hollywood (though we're not talking Ibsen either). Miracle on South Division Street tells of the Nowaks, their visit by the Virgin Mary and the statue the family cherishes. Playwright Tom Dudzick goes back to a legend of his childhood for his work...or was it the truth? (Winnipeg)

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