Monday, November 12, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, November 12-18

Lucy Cox in Jekyll and Hyde (photo credit: Chris Bennion Photo)

And off we go, ready or not, into the Christmas season! Drayton Entertainment is getting out the tree, the dog and the orphans, including one frizzy-haired redhead named Annie. This is the archetypal family show and who who who is the stoneheart who doesn't leave the theatre singing about the sun coming out tomorrow? (St. Jacobs, Ontario)

Across the country, there is one of many, many, many road-tested productions of A Christmas Carol. If you don't know the Dickens tale of the miser and his past, present and must have been raised in a cave. Michael Shamata directs his own adaptation. (Victoria, BC)

Bucking the Christmas-is-for-happy trend is Mirvish with a short run of Jekyll and Hyde, a musical pulled from the Robert Louis Stevenson tale of one man, two sides of him and the compulsions that threaten to destroy us all. This is a new production of the musical, previously seen on Broadway, which is coming to Toronto on a "pre-Broadway" journey. Stars are in evidence. There will be screaming.

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