Monday, June 4, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, June 4-10, 2012


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A show that seems to be changing history - Seeds - comes to the FTA. Anabel Soutar's company, Porte Parole, specializes in verbatim theatre and this show about the little guy v. Monsanto is no exception. Though this is the same production which recently played Toronto - beautifully directed by Chris Abraham (now busy with The Matchmaker at Stratford) - it does not feature Eric Peterson. (Montreal)

One of the top Shake-'n'-bake (summer Shakespeare outside) companies in Canada, Bard on The Beach, takes on the play which dares not speak its name. There will be blood in Miles  Potter's production. Go outside, whistle, spit and THEN you can come back to watch it. (Vancouver)

In the day, one word in The Graduate movie had us rolling in the aisles: Plastics. (You had to be there.) We liked the rest of this bitter-sweet comedy too - especially the horny mom trying to seduce her daughter's boyfriend (nobody seemed sexier than Anne Bancroft!). Well, it's a play now and a small community company is taking it on. Will it touch new audiences as it did us? The message of nonconformity is eternal, isn't it? (Scarborough, Ontario)

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