Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog: Theatre Night Fever

by Howard Dai
After nearly 8 months of hard work, The Cultch Youth Panel once again put on another week of fantastic IGNITE! Youth-Driven Arts Festival. The Cultch Youth Panel consists of passionate artistic youths between ages 14 to 24, who were given a budget to produce an annual week long festival of our dreams. This year, the beautiful The Cultch Historic Theatre in the heart of East Vancouver was transformed by youths, into a fun-filled festival that featured all youth performers in each of the six nights – Music, Word, Dance, Olivia (a collaboration project), Fruit Basket (gender, sex, and sexuality), and Finale. As a first-year youth panel member, I’ve had a blast working with all these like-minded, talented individuals who are as enthusiastic about arts as I am. I’m also glad to see The Cultch takes the risk every year and gives youth full control of the budget we receive, and the results showed that we’ve done justice to that money – only youths can produce a festival for youths! I’ve regained faith in our generation. The experience with The Cultch Youth Panel was absolutely tremendous, and it had pushed me a step further on my way to becoming a theatre artist.
Interested in becoming a part of The Cultch Youth Panel? Contact The Cultch Youth Program Manager Robert Leveroos

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