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News: (Vancouver) Cultch announces international 2012-13 season

The Cultch (aka: Vancouver East Cultural Centre) has announced its 39th season, programmed by executive director Heather Redfern. 

The lineup includes productions and companies from Vancouver, Montreal, Liverpool, Toronto, Berlin, Edmonton, Glasgow, Portland and Brighton and covers a wide variety of cultural events including theatre, dance and music.

Read the Press Release:


Vancouver, BC — On April 11th, The Cultch will announce the details of its 2012/2013 season, celebrating the 39th anniversary of the organization. Programmed by Executive Director Heather Redfern, the season boasts a dynamic group of contemporary performers, playwrights, directors, choreographers, musicians, and theatre collectives from Vancouver, across the country, and around the world. 
With eighteen provocative productions, this chock-full season will keep The Cultch’s two venues – the Historic Theatre and the Vancity Culture Lab – buzzing with live performance year round. The Cultch’s 12/13 season is sponsored by West Coast Reduction Ltd.
Die Roten Punkte – Eurosmash! Aug 28 – Sep 2, 2012
Blind Date  – Rebecca Northan (Calgary) Sep 18 – Oct 7, 2012
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit – Volcano and Necessary Angel (Toronto), Wolfgang Hoffman (Berlin) Sep 19 – 30, 2012
Cozy Catastrophe - Theatre Melee/Rumble Productions (Vancouver) Oct 22 – Nov 4, 2012
Gold Mountain - Les Deux Mondes (Montreal) and unitytheatre (Liverpool, England) Oct 23 – Nov 4, 2012
Dickens’ Women – Miriam Margolyes Nov 15 – Dec 1, 2012
LEO - Circle of Eleven (Berlin, Germany) Dec 4 – 15, 2012
The Christmas Carol Project - Brass Monkey Productions (Edmonton) Dec 16, 17, 18, 2012
Don Juan – Blackbird Theatre (Vancouver) Dec 26 – Jan 26, 2013
Grim & Fischer - Wonderheads (Portland, Oregon) Jan 3 – 13, 2013
The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart - National Theatre of Scotland (Glasgow) Jan 29 – Feb 2, 2013
I, Malvolio - Tim Crouch (Brighton, England) Jan 30 – Feb 10, 2013
Gravity of Center - RUBBERBANDance Group (Montreal) Feb 19 – 23, 2013
Extraction - Theatre Conspiracy (Vancouver) Mar 5 – 9, 2013
Broken Sex Doll - The Virtual Stage (Vancouver) Mar 13 – 24, 2013
Spin - Evalyn Parry (Toronto) Apr 9 – 20, 2013
Highgate - Tara Cheyenne Performance (Vancouver) Apr 30 – May 4, 2013
Mump & Smoot (Toronto) May 22 – Jun 2, 2013
More information about each show may be found on pages two through five. Subscriptions for the 12/13 season go on sale April 12, 2012. Single tickets go on sale August 1 (single tickets for Die Roten Punkte go on sale June 25). Call The Cultch’s Box Office at 604-251-1363 or go online at
By subscribing before May 11, patrons will be entered to win their subscription for FREE. Plus, save up to 30% with our Build-Your-Own (BYO) Subscription Bundles – back by popular demand! This season, the more you see, the more you save. With the return of our Build-Your-Own Bundles, see four different shows for the price of three (BYO 4) or choose eight different shows and save even more (BYO 8). With 18 shows to choose from, you’ll enjoy an exciting roster of artists and programs, plus the following benefits: 
  • The best seats at the best prices – save up to 30% 
  • Unlimited FREE ticket exchanges 
  • 20% off tickets to The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart by the National Theatre of Scotland 
Plus! Become a Super Subscriber, enhance your subscription with a $125 tax-deductible gift, and you’ll receive additional exclusive benefits, including: 
  • Invitation for two to an EXCLUSIVE opening night reception (pre-show)
  • Invitation for two to an EXCLUSIVE pre-show Artist Chat
  • Invitation for two to a Cultch Movie Night
  • An EXCLUSIVE Backstage Tour of a Cultch Presentation
  • $125 tax receipt
Aug 28 – Sep 2, 2012
Die Roten Punkte – Eurosmash!
Historic Theatre
Berlin’s Prince and Princess of Indie Rock and Europop are back! Following sell-out shows in New York, Montreal, Dublin and Edinburgh, Otto and Astrid Rot present a tough choice between dancing and laughing, as these squabbling siblings kick out some mother-smashing jams. Fans of Spinal Tap and Flight of The Conchords say ‘HALLO!’ to your new favourite band.
Sep 18 – Oct 7, 2012
Blind Date
Created by Rebecca Northan (Calgary)
Historic Theatre
One of the most daring and exhilarating undertakings in the scope of contemporary theatre. There's nothing like the thrill of a first date...anything can happen! In Blind Date, you'll experience all the excitement and awkwardness of love as Mimi, a Parisian temptress, goes on a blind date with a different man every night - plucked right out of the audience. 
Sep 19 – 30, 2012
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit
Volcano and Necessary Angel (Toronto), Wolfgang Hoffman (Berlin)
Vancity Culture Lab
30-year-old Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour’s arresting and allegorical work, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, dissects the experience of a whole generation in a wild, original play. Each night an acclaimed Canadian actor, who has never before seen or read this play, is handed a sealed envelope. They open it and begin. Neither actor nor audience knows what lies ahead, on this metaphorical journey into extreme experience.
Oct 22 – Nov 4, 2012
Cozy Catastrophe
Theatre Melee/Rumble Productions (Vancouver)
Vancity Culture Lab
Horrific events are overwhelming the entirety of human civilization. Four strangers must decide what to do with what could be their final hours. Should they pray? Fight back? Repopulate the earth? Or just get to know each other a little better? Cozy Catastrophe is a dark comedy about ordinary folks bound together by extraordinary circumstance. 
Oct 23 – Nov 4, 2012
Gold Mountain
Les Deux Mondes (Montreal) and unitytheatre (Liverpool, England)
Historic Theatre
David Yee is trying to piece together the broken jigsaw of his father’s life. In an epic journey from a small village in China, to war-torn Liverpool, through the horrors of the Atlantic convoys, follow Yee Lui’s story of friendship, addiction, and adversity. This stunning production features breath-taking imagery, engaging film, moving music, and extraordinary soundscapes. 
Nov 15 – Dec 1, 2012
Dickens’ Women
Miriam Margolyes (London, England)
Richard Jordan Productions Ltd
In association with Andrew McKinnon and PW Productions
Historic Theatre
Celebrating the bi-centenary of Charles Dickens, Miriam Margolyes brings her Olivier Award-nominated production to The Cultch as part of its world tour. A BAFTA and LA Critics Circle award-winner, Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter, Romeo + Juliet) portrays over 23 of Dickens’ best-loved characters, setting out to discover the man himself, revealing everything from the raucous humour of his characterisations to the darker, more sinister, aspects of his life and work.  
Dec 4 – 15, 2012
Circle of Eleven (Berlin, Germany)
Historic Theatre
The laws of gravity are made to be broken in this mind-boggling piece of physical theatre, reminiscent of early silent films by the likes of Charlie Chaplin. Juxtaposing projected film and live performance, Leo embarks on an adventure that is triumphantly funny, witty, and full of surprises. 
Dec 16, 17, 18, 2012
The Christmas Carol Project
Brass Monkey Productions (Edmonton)
Historic Theatre
An enchanting, musical version of Dickens’ tale, The Christmas Carol Project is a unique and captivating blend of classic literature and contemporary folk music, perfect for the whole family. Brass Monkey Productions’ Juno-nominated folk musicians return for a third year in what is becoming a holiday tradition for Vancouver!
Dec 26, 2012 – Jan 26, 2013
Don Juan
Blackbird Theatre (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre
Heretic. Swordsman. Seducer. Don Juan. The award-winning company behind 2011's smash hit Waiting for Godot brings to life the satiric tale of an irresistible rogue and defiant hedonist. Blackbird Theatre presents a daring new adaptation of Molière's most scandalous comedy.
Jan 3 – 13, 2013
Grim & Fischer
Wonderheads (Portland, Oregon)
Winner of the Cultchivating the Fringe Award, 2011
Vancity Culture Lab
In this acclaimed full face mask comedy from physical theatre duo Wonderheads, an aging grandmother is pit against the Grim Reaper and must confront the inevitable question that we all face: what is it to know your end is nigh? A tender telling of an absurdly epic journey; watch as one woman’s fight for survival takes fantastical flight in a showdown with Death himself.
Jan 29 – Feb 2, 2013
The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart*
National Theatre of Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland)
Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Pull up a chair and wet your whistle for an evening of anarchic theatre and live music at East Vancouver’s own WISE Hall. The perfect winter-warmer, be swept along on Prudencia’s enchanting dreamlike journey of self discovery, filled with magical moments, devilish encounters, and wittily wild karaoke.
*Add this amazing special presentation to your subscription and receive up to 20% off.
Jan 30 – Feb 10, 2013
I, Malvolio
Tim Crouch Theatre (Brighton, England)
Presented with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Historic Theatre
Tim Crouch re-imagines Twelfth Night through the eyes of Shakespeare’s most pent-up steward. I, Malvolio is a wild, hilarious, and unsettling rant from a man ‘notoriously wronged’. A story of lost dignity, prudery, practical jokes and bullying, this one-man act of storytelling alchemy draws us deep into the madness of Shakespeare’s classic comedy.
Feb 19 – 23, 2013
Gravity of Center
RUBBERBANDance Group (Montreal)
Historic Theatre
With a highly physical hybrid of precision and invention, critically acclaimed choreographer Victor Quijada delivers his ninth and perhaps his greatest dance work yet. Inspired by social issues stemming from the contrast between abundance and scarcity, Gravity of Center explores movement that yet again blurs the boundaries between hip-hop, contemporary, and classical dance.
Mar 5 – 9, 2013
Theatre Conspiracy (Vancouver)
Winner of the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, Theatre 2013
Historic Theatre
In this powerful theatre documentary, Extraction delves deep into the heart of intertwined cultural phenomena: China’s rise as an economic power and oil extraction in Alberta. Mining the biographies of non-actor performers, this bilingual (English and Mandarin) play digs beneath the surface of highly charged political debates to illuminate lives transformed by legendary traffic jams, boomtown fever, translation trouble, and diplomatic intrigue in Beijing and Ft. McMurray’s tar sands.

Mar 13 – 24, 2013
Broken Sex Doll
The Virtual Stage (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre
From the producers of last year’s smash hit 1984! The rapid pace of technological advancement in 2136 has only been matched by a dramatic decline of morality. Robots have become lifelike, humans are robotic, and the two intermarry. King has been in a relationship with a “Ginger 5000” fembot for some time, but things take a dramatic detour when she starts to malfunction and he has her replaced. 
Apr 9 – 20, 2013
Evalyn Parry (Toronto)
Historic Theatre
Parry takes her audience on an uncommon theatrical and musical journey, celebrating the bicycle as muse, musical instrument, and agent of social change. Inspired in part by the incredible true tale of Annie Londonderry – the first woman to cycle around the world in 1894 – Parry spins a web of stories that travel from 19th century women’s emancipation to 21st century consumer culture.
Apr 30 – May 4, 2013
Tara Cheyenne Performance (Vancouver)
Historic Theatre
Highgate is a morbid romp through Victorian funerary culture, jumping straight from the darkest part of Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg’s imagination. Reflecting personal and collective grief, a band of figures captivate in this fascinating gothic dance of death, physical oddity, humour, and horror. 
May 22 – Jun 2, 2013
Mump & Smoot (Toronto)
Historic Theatre
The famed Canadian clown duo Mump and Smoot return to The Cultch with a new work that will take Vancouver audiences yet again into the giddy, scary world of pure imagination. Mump & Smoot, also referred to as clowns of horror, inhabit a parallel universe called Ummo, worship a god named Ummo and speak their own brand of gibberish, Ummonian. Together they turn every convention about clowns upside down in a series of darkly humorous sketches that range from the zany to the macabre. Not for children! 
Perched at the top of a hill that slopes down to the heart of the city, The Cultch has always been a gathering place. This once-abandoned church has developed into a national treasure and BC's most diverse performance space.
For nearly four decades, The Cultch has offered dynamic programming in theatre, dance, and music by local, national, and international artists. Today, The Cultch continues to enrich the social and cultural life of Vancouver by bringing world-class cultural presentations to the public, supporting the growth of emerging artists and companies, and facilitating dialogue between groups in the Lower Mainland, especially within our local community of East Vancouver.
The Cultch is so much more than just a theatre in the physical sense – our organization is looked upon as one of the foremost performing arts presenters in the province. Widely recognized as an innovator and leader, we have played an integral role in the development of British Columbia’s artistic landscape.
For more information, visit Connect with The Cultch on Facebook or Twitter.

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