Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Note From The Publisher

by Gaëtan L. Charlebois

Welcome to The Charlebois Post-Canada. You can call it CharPo (as we do at The Charlebois Post-Montreal), or you can call it CPC - but you will see, over the next days that it is one of the most exciting theatre hang-outs on the web. For our launch week, we have lucked into the cooperation of some of the most important people in theatre in the nation. Brad Fraser's allowing us the right to reprint his terrific lecture is just one of the many surprises we have lined up for you.

Along with the features, we will have something new on the site every day of the week; reviews, humour, news, discussion and everything that makes theatre exciting - outside of an actual venue. Dive in. Comment. Share. Tweet. Facebook. Write us. Write each other. But the idea is to keep the site lively - as lively as the art we all love.

I am bowing out now, but I am in the wings waiting to chime in.

Think of me as a prompter and just call, "Line!"

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