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The Charlebois Post
Founded, November 30, 2010
Founders: Gaëtan L. Charlebois, Estelle Rosen

The Charlebois Post - Canada
Founded, September 1, 2011
Founding Editors: Émilie Charlebois (Toronto), Chris Lane (Vancouver) Jim Murchison (Ottawa), Estelle Rosen (Montreal) 

The Charlebois Post - Toronto, The Charlebois Post - Montreal, The Charlebois Post - Atlantic Canada, The Charlebois Post - Alberta, The Charlebois Post - Canada, CHARPeyed, CharPoSho, CharPoFolio and The CharPR Prize are owned and operated by The Charlebois Post, ltd.


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Publisher: Gaëtan L. Charlebois
Editor-in-Chief, National: Estelle Rosen

Editor-in-Chief, Dance: Estelle Rosen
Editors: Chad Dembski (Montreal), Beth Wong (Toronto), Kallee Lins (Toronto), Jay Catterson (Vancouver)

Editor-in-Chief, Opera:
Gaëtan L. Charlebois

Senior Editor-At-Large: 
Richard Burnett

Bathtub Bran

Senior Contributors:
Isabelle-Ann Charlebois (Quebec City), Shannon Christy (Toronto), Sarah Deshaies (Montreal), Joel Fishbane (Toronto), Barbara Ford (Montreal), Edgar Governo (Winnipeg), Ramya Jegatheesan (Toronto), Aleksandra Koplik (Montreal), Morgan McPherson (Victoria), Caitlin Murphy (Montreal), Beat Rice (Toronto)

Phillip Addis, Kyle Allatt, Kate Appling, Nina Lee Aquino, Christian Baines, Amy Barratt, Lisa Barrell, Nicolas Billon, Kate Bligh, Jason Booker, Dan Bray, Adam Brazier, Greg Bunker, Macrae Campbell, Adam Capriolo-Morris, Valerie Cardinal, Carly Chamberlain, Adèle Charlebois,  Élaine Charlebois, Martha Chaves, Stacey Christodoulou, Antoni Cimolino, Andrew Cuk, John Herbert Cunningham, Keir Cutler, Alison Darcy, David di Giovanni, Michaela di Cesare, Sue Edworthy, Gillian English, Anna Fuerstenberg, Brad Fraser, Matt G, Kyle Gatehouse, Natalie Gershtein, Patrick Goddard, Matthew Gorman, Joel Greenberg, Gwynne Hunt, Joel Ivany, Elizabeth Johnston, David C. Jones, Dahlia Katz, Miriam Khalil, Kevin Kibbey, David Allan King, Jacoba Knaapen, Janis La Couvée, Amy Lee Lavoie, Mary Lea, Louis Patrick Leroux, Tara Litvack, Sean MacDonald, Spencer Malthouse, Connie Manfredi, Bruce McKay, Morgan McPherson, Robert McQueen, Dáirine Ní Mheadhra, Ileana Montalbetti, Cassie Muise, Stuart Munro, J. Kelly Nestruck, Kate Newby, John Ng, Marilyn Norry, Marilo Nuñez, Steven Patterson, Vanessa Porteous, Marshall Pynkoski, Matt Raudsepp, mrAshley, Crystle Reid, David Reudelhuber, Mansel Robinson, Jessica Ruano, Arden Ryshpan, Steven Schipper, Ryan Segal, Sarah Segal-Lazar, David Sklar, Gabrielle Soskin, Nanette Soucy, Jesse Stong, Kelly Thornton, Byron Toben, Winna Tse, Rebecca Ugolini, Axel Van Chee, Paul Van Dyck, Josef Vermeulen, François Vincent, Bryan Walsh, Keith Waterfield, Jessica Wei, Jordanna Weiss, Jacob Wren, Jessica Yen, Andrew Zadel, Rachel Zuroff