Monday, October 8, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, October 8-14, 2012

Hamlet (solo)
It's theatre for young audiences, but it isn't. It is in French, English and doesn't have a word spoken. It is the brilliant movement of DynamO Théâtre (who gave us the iconic Mur-Mur) with a dash of commentary on loneliness and alienation, and it will likely take your breath away. It is I On The Sky. (Read creator Yves Simard's first-person on its creation. See a video from the piece.) (Toronto)

When it played in Montreal Amy Barratt wrote of it, "[Raoul] 
Bhaneja’s interpretation, directed by Robert Ross Parker, reminds us that, in the presence of an actor who knows where he’s going, we need to let go of the language and just enjoy the ride." Hamlet (solo) is precisely what it says it is, and after years of touring it, Bhaneja is the master of this masterful work. (Halifax)

There are reasons works become "flavours of the year": they won the Pulitzer Prize last year, they were Broadway hits last year, they were big in London last year. But Intimate Apparel, performed all over the country last year, is a play that goes beyond last year (and next year, for that matter). From the microcosm of a Black corset seamstress at the turn of the last century, we examine the struggle we all face when reaching for dreams and facing limitations placed on us by others. (Calgary)

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