Monday, October 15, 2012

Openings We're tracking This Week, October 15-21, 2012

Rachel Corrie

It was meant as a theatrical way of understanding something profoundly troubling (in the same way, one would suggest, as the Laramie Project helps us to understand the murder of Matthew Shepard) - but My Name is Rachel Corrie has had a stormy life. Ostensibly it is talking about the death of a 23-year-old activist, crushed by an Israeli bulldozer during a demonstration - but it has been picketed, placed in seasons and subsequently removed and started shouting matches in lobbies. In short: it does what theatre should do. (Toronto)

When Wendy Lill's masterpiece, The Glace Bay Miners Museum, hit the stage the first time it must have been like a little explosion. First, it is about hard lives - Miner in the title tells us that - but told with a typical Martitimer sense of humour and darkness. Moreover, it has, at its heart, a magnificent female character (when the film was made it acknowledged her in the new title: Margaret's Museum) and an incredible secret. The brilliant Mary Vingoe directs (as she did for the work's world premiere). (Ottawa)

And speaking of the Maritimes, how about a night with Daniel MacIvor playing Bingo! We are given friends, a reunion and laughter, tears and the whole damn thing as only MacIvor can deliver. (Halifax)

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