Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Video of The Week, August 29, 2012

Even if you do not get to Stratford to see the current production of Cymbeline, directed by incoming artistic director Antoni Cimolini, this short clip will come as a revelation for several reasons. It proves, once and for all, that the Canadian accent wraps itself quite nicely around the dulcet tones of Shakespeare and in a way that is as natural as it is lyrical. It also reveals a play, largely unfamiliar, and - with its romance, rage and heartbreak - should have you rushing to your Complete Works to give it a read. Finally, it proves that the company can bring texture and richness to a work without the fireworks we are used to in its houses. The show has also become a success - with three performances added extending its run to October 6.
[This article has been corrected - problems with YouTube coding put up the wrong video]

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  1. thanks to Stuart Munro for drawing our attention to this YouTube as well:


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