Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: power | play (Winnipeg Fringe)

by Edgar Governo

If you want to get naked, turn to Page 34. If you want to use words instead of staying quiet, turn to Page 47. If you want to fashion a sex toy from whatever happens to be in your purse, turn to Page 22.

Like a much more adult version of the children’s book series used for the subtitle of her show (Create your own adventure), Cameryn Moore offers the narrative of a sexual encounter in progress, with a forking-path structure along the way allowing members of the audience a choice in what happens next. The performance becomes a consensual act for the performer and spectator alike, with the scene literally negotiated between the two.

Moore recently wrote right here on The Charlebois Post about how difficult (and yet exciting) it is to incorporate audience participation, but power | play definitely benefits from this choice in comparison to her previous Fringe shows, Phone Whore and slut (r)evolution. Although this show still features anecdotes about her own past erotic escapades, the interactive nature of this storyline makes for a more dynamic theatrical experience while keeping Moore in ultimate control. You might have a say, but she is deciding the options.

Casual or serious? Public or private? Dominant or submissive? Each of us is on a journey of sexual exploration defined by a series of choices.


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