Monday, May 7, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, May 7-13

High Society (photo by David Cooper of Todd Talbot and Jennifer Lines)

The Haunted Hillbilly is not unknown to certain Montrealers. It has won awards, it had been talked about and praised, it is considered a gem of the alternative theatre. It is from a company called Sidemart Theatrical Grocery, now known across the country for having nabbed the rights to premiere Morris Panych's Gordon. It is known. But is it known this way: as part of the season of a mainstream house - Centaur Theatre - and will its fame spread far and wide? Depends on whether you like a theatrical party. Do you? Warning: There may be yodelling. (Montreal)

In a whole nuther register is Art House Theatre's High Society, Cole Porter's musical adaptation of the hilarious Katherine Hepburn vehicle, Philadelphia Story. A snotty socialite is about to get married but is it to the right man? Exes, journos and eccentrics swarm and the music is delicious (hey! it's Porter!). Your heart will stop near Act I's end when "I Love Paris" comes up. (Vancouver)

And please do read about, and then see, YPT's Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest. (Toronto)

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