Monday, May 14, 2012

Openings We're Tracking, May 14-20

Let's tell you what The Guardian said about a recent production of Stockholm, about to open at Nightwood, "...this is a terrifyingly erotic and haunting 70 minutes of watching two people hurtling towards disaster and a dead future..." Need we say more? (Toronto)

Emma from the Metro website
It's Shakespeare, Shakespeare everywhere. First up, a little company in Ottawa - Kanata Theatre - is taking on the Bard's most beloved work, Romeo and Juliet. What can we say...we always cry. (Though there was a good joke on Facebook recently about how the play could be seen as a UPS tragedy...pass it on.) (Ottawa)

Little companies, like the one in Kanata, can't be faulted for lack of bravery. Metro Theatre is doing a full-cast, full-period production of Emma, from Austen. You've seen the Paltrow, you've seen Clueless. You know the score, yes, but it is always a delight. (Vancouver)

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