Monday, January 23, 2012

Openings We're Tracking, January 23-29

Camryn Moore
Camryn Moore continues her conquer-the-world tour with her show Phone Whore making a stop in Montreal at Mainline. Phone Whore has been as well-received as it has been controversial - sparking discussions about the sex industry (and among couples who are mad enough to see the show together). You can read an interview with Moore here.

Women of a certain age want to raise funs. Women of a certain age get an idea. Women of a certain age pose nude for a calendar and become sensations around the world. See how it started with Calendar Girls in Vancouver.

It is not a fun night of theatre but it is important and you will be moves. The Laramie Project is documentary theatre at its best, telling how this town dealt with the crucifixion/murder of Matthew Shepard, the unpleasant and world-wide attention it brought to them, and how it forced them to look at themselves and come to grips with the fact that a hideous crime had been committed by two of their own. Theatre Aurora dives into the deep end.

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