Friday, January 20, 2012

The Friday Five, January 20, 2012

5 Reasons Why There Should Be More Nudity in Montreal Theatre. 
I hardly need to list 5 reasons, do I?  Nudity is a reason in and of itself. This may as well be a Friday One. The reason there should be more nudity in theatre is because it’s nudity, and it’s great. But so as not to break with tradition, here are five other reasons why there should be more nudity in Montreal theatre. 
by Matt G of Matt and Kyle and Matt

1. Actors are beautiful. 
Actors and Actresses are sickeningly beautiful. More beautiful than regular people. And as punishment for being so beautiful they should be naked all the time.  

2. Symbolism.
Isn’t it amazing how a show’s layers and metaphors expand and multiply as more and more clothes are taken off. The more naked the individual, the more rich and resonant the theatrical experience. But nudity can also clarify certain unresolved metaphors. For example, many people would see a swordfight onstage and view the swords as merely a symbol for their penises. But if the characters were nude, it would be very difficult to find an alternate interpretation. 

3. Attract Younger Audiences.
Teenagers love to sneak into R-rated movies hoping for a raunchy sex scene, a steamy shower scene or a weirdly revealing bathroom scene. Add some nudity to your show, and teenagers will surely come in droves. Live nudes are always more appealing than nudes on a screen, which is why Strip Clubs emphasize the word live. Basically, make your playhouse more like a strip club. 

4. Small Intimate Spaces.
So many of our city’s spaces are such cozy little rooms that can, at most, house about fifty to a hundred people. These are perfect venues for nudity, where everyone can get a hard look at everybody’s hard bodies. 

5. Camaraderie.
What better way to get to know your fellow actors than by sharing such a brave, revealing moment onstage together. And with English theatre in Montreal being such a small community, it won’t be long before you’ve seen all of your cohorts naked, and isn’t that what being a family is all about?

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