Monday, November 28, 2011

Openings We're Tracking This Week, November 28-December 4, 2011

Against the Grain's Bohème

Shakespeare is alluded to all over the damn place this week. In Ottawa, The Little Theatre is doing the glorious farce, I Hate Hamlet even as Great Canadian Theatre Company is mounting A Midwinter's Dream Tale - a cross between Winter's Tale and Midsummer Night's...etc. A Company of Fools does the honours at GCTC. Meanwhile, Edmonton's Walterdale is offering Wyrd Sisters and, as the company says, "Sound familiar?" Think play-which-must-not-be-named.

It's all fun, but what would the season be if you didn't have a love affair that started Christmas Eve and ended with someone coughing up blood. Against The Grain, our favourite little opera company, is offering the gorgeous Bohème and if it's anything like their last outing (Super Villains), watch out! (Read artistic director Joel Ivany's first-person piece about prep here.)

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