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Blog: Theatre Night Fever, November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011
For a theatre geek like me, theatre IS cool.
by Howard Dai

Just a few days ago, when I was surfing on Twitter like I always do. I found that I missed a super awesome conference – Making a Scene conference. It’s an annual event put together by GVPTA (Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance), for anyone who’s connected to theatre, whether you’re a performer, a theatre technician, a student, a volunteer, a patron, any kind of artists or a theatre geek just like me. A two-day conference that connects all theatre people with endless topics set by all attendees.

In one particular podcast, the topic discussed was – how to make theatre cool. 

Imagine, how awesome it’d be to talk with people from all over lower mainland who are just like me, to talk about the things we are all passionate about – Theatre.

This year’s Making a Scene conference takes place on November 4th and 5th, sadly, due to my lack of attention before on the GVPTA, I didn’t go to the conference and join the epic conversation.
Fortunately, the Operations Manager of Touchstone Theatre – Joel Grinke, made a series of podcasts with the attendees regarding the topics referenced, so people like me who missed the event can know what was being discussed.

In one particular podcast, the topic discussed was – how to make theatre cool. They were talking about how we should attract those people who don’t normally go to theatre to come out and see live theatre.
Immediately, this topic got my attention. For a theatre geek like me, theatre IS cool. Coolest thing in the world. I watch live theatre; I’m a volunteer in a proscenium arch theatre for both Front of House and technical department, and I’m a proud volunteer for many other theatre companies Front of House team. For me, theatre is my life.

The thing is, for them, “theatre” doesn’t relate to “fun”, at all.

However, for people who are generally not interested in arts, there would be a lack of interest in theatre. When they heard the word “theatre”, they might think that it’s Shakespeare, or they might see the image of a ballerina, or people speaking hard-to-understand words with over the top body language, et cetera. The thing is, for them, “theatre” doesn’t relate to “fun”,  at all.

But what they don’t know is that theatre’s not always hard to understand, they speak the same language that you use all the time; and the plot and background, for most modern theatres, is really easy for “normal” people to relate to. Theatres usually have a humor element, which is also easy to relate to. In musical theatre, it’s the epic combination of drama, music, and dance, which is not always ballet. And if you ever have the chance to be backstage during the tech, rehearsal, and the actual run of the productions, you’d see how amazing everything works, and experience the pure magic of theatre. Live theatre has something that  film and TV can’t do - the magical interaction between the performers and the audiences. What they really need to know is, “theatre” IS “fun”.

After listening to the podcasts, it really makes me want to find someone and tell them how awesome theatre is. I still can’t believe that I missed this reference.

Theatre, where all the magic happens.

Interested in listening to the podcasts? follow this link

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