Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Write For The Charlebois Post - Canada

If you are a Canadian opera or dance artist you are welcome to submit English-language material to CharPo.

We are not particularly interested in pieces which are blatant plugs for your upcoming work, but we are looking for behind-the-scenes, first-person descriptions of your process. Whether you are a 
dancer, singer, choreographer, designer, composer, or director we want to know why you approached your present work the way you did. Pieces can be anywhere from 300 words to 2000. However, once submitted the work will be edited for grammatical and spelling errors and, in some cases, shortened for conciseness.

If you are interested in 
reviewing shows, please contact us. However we will always consider short, well-written opinions of theatre productions for inclusion.

Whether you send a photo or article, include all show details with the email and, if possible, a web site we can link to should readers want more information.

All rights to all material remain with you. We do archive all our articles and photos, so if you wish removal of the material you must recontact us.

There is no remuneration for articles or photos.

Send it all by e-mail.