Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get Your Event Posted on CharPo-Canada


Have your theatre-related event reach over 2000 CharPo readers who are interested in only one thing: Canadian theatre...and it's free! It's called EVENTS. (Clear enough, don't you think?)

Send us one photo/artwork/poster for your event, along with a press release with all the details. The art will go on our front page and the press info will appear linked from a "read more" link. We must have art and .doc .rtf or text press kit (no pdfs, please). (Press blurbs alone will not be considered.) You may use, as your art, a Youtube or Vimeo etc. embed! Your event should be posted within 24 hours; you will receive notification and a direct link when it is.

Your event will be archived on our site which means you can send the people you are trying to interest in the work to a permanent web link. This has one advantage over a Facebook events page: you don't have to "know" Facebook or be a member to interact with the event. It means visitors to our site will be able to freely comment on the event (in the comments section below it) and you can respond to them as well.

Send your art and PR. This address has a very sharp spam filter and bulk mailings will be sent to a separate folder (and usually ignored). So make sure you send your info specifically to us and put in the Subject heading that it is for a listing as an EVENT.

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