Monday, November 21, 2011

Openings We're Tracking This Week, November 21-27, 2011

Marc Bendavid and Pam Patel in the MTC's R&J
(Photo by Bruce Monk)

Oi! You only have to see the Star of David and the Crescent Moon on the poster for Manitoba Theatre Centre's new production of Romeo and Juliet to see this one is going to make waves. The play is reset in a fictional district of Jerusalem called Verona...well, you know the rest.

Directors 'r' us: Stellar AD Muriel Romanes,
ANA director Serge Denoncourt and
Imago AD Clare Schapiro
It's a chestnut, but it's a damn good one: 12 Angry Men (Players Guild of Hamilton) get together in a jury room to decide the guilt or innocence of one man - and it is one other man who keeps them from getting out fast. Through the process, the personalities (and foibles) of all of the jurors are revealed. This may be an amateur company, but they're taking the very gutsy step of staging the work in the round.

A bilingual play within the season of a French-language company! Man the torches and pitchforks! Espace Go, one of the most adventurous companies in Montreal, is taking on ANA by Scotswoman Clare Duffy and Pierre-Yves Lemieux. This is a mighty co-pro among Go, Stellar Quines (Scotland) and Imago (Montreal).

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