Monday, September 10, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, September 10-16

RH Thomson and David Fox (photo credit: Joy von Tiedemann)

It is not considered as important a work as Private Lives or even Blithe Spirit, but to our mind Hay Fever is a more accomplished Noel Coward play and, also, a far funnier one. Get a bunch of eccentrics - including a self-centred actress - into one house for a weekend and see how they keep themselves's cloaked bitchiness of the first order! (Ottawa)

You know why we want to see Next to Normal? Because one of our musical theatre pundits, Stuart Munro, wrote of it: "I first saw the show three years ago shortly after it opened on Broadway. I’d never heard of it, but all the people I was meeting in New York said I needed to see it. So I strolled by the box office one day to see what was available that evening for cheap. I sat in the last seat of the last row in the balcony, and for the next two and a half hours I was completely overwhelmed—so much so that I had a hard time processing everything I’d taken in." (Calgary)

A fine family drama always pierces, but when it is being billed as a "sweeping saga of familial loss and love" as No Great Mischief is being promo-ed, and RH THomson and David Fox are in the cast, sign us up. (Toronto)

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