Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News: Frank Glenfield dies

He has been called a giant of the Edmonton theatre scene, but contacted by e-mail, playwright Brad Fraser, who got his start at the iconic Walterdale Playhouse in the Albertan capital, remembers him more intimately. "When Mutants was opening at Walterdale, a rather shocking play about youth from a correctional institution taking the head hostage to protest the sexual abuse they've received at the hands of the guards, Frank generously offered to print the scripts at one of the oil companies he worked for at the time. As I picked up the box he said, 'I don't think my bosses would approve of this' and gave me the twinkliest, most encouraging wink. He's been alright in my book ever since."

Glenfield and his wife, Mary, founded Walterdale which became the hub not only of Alberta theatre creation, but much of Western Canadian theatre.

Read his biography at The Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia.
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