Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: (Toronto) Saint Francis Talks to the Birds (Fringe)

The Birdman
by Joel Fishbane

A brief vaudeville piece that outstays its welcome, Saint Francis comes to us from the mind of David Ives, the king of the short playlet. Ives has made a name for himself off-Broadway writing short comedies based on absurd ideas and Saint Francis is no exception: here, the titular saint (Annemieke Wade) converses with a pair of vultures (Cameron Johnston and Tanya Rigley) before going off to meet his maker.

While amusing at times, the piece is one of the weaker entries into the Ives cannon, making it a strange selection to showcase on its own. The enthusiastic production tries its best, with Tanya Rigley’s vulture standing out amongst the flock. The people at Royal Porcupine Productions are doing their best, but the comedic premise can’t really hold our attention for the forty minutes. Ultimately, this is a show that will probably get devoured by it’s own set of vultures when the time finally comes.

Saint Francis Talks to the Birds is at the Toronto Fringe

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