Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: (Toronto) Peter 'n Chris Explore Their Bodies (Fringe)

Peter ‘n Chris Explore Their Bodies...and their theatricality
by Dave Ross

Peter ‘n Chris Explore Their Bodies is a solid little show. Written and directed by the titular Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone, the audience is treated to a show very different than what one would imagine from the title. The energy in the show is near-boundless, and the chemistry between these two actors is a key part of the show working as a whole. They adeptly navigate a series of characters and locations, with only two housecoats and a cube to work with. Wilson’s evil laugh is terrifying, while Carlone’s ability to switch from persona to persona is something to behold. 

This show does have a couple of weaknesses, but they may be ironed out as their run continues. Some of the segments are a bit too drawn out, in a way similar to how Family Guy runs some gags just a touch too long—but Peter and Chris take it even that bit further. Distressingly, the theatre seemed to be filled with those who appeared to know the show, bursting out in laughter in apprehension of the jokes. It was extremely distracting to the rest of the audience, and left us feeling that we weren’t in on the jokes, the one person at the party who isn’t part of the crowd. Comedic timing is everything, and this over-eagerness from the audience disrupted much of it. However, this is out of the control of the actors. This show will have you chuckling, and if you want to see a slow-motion epic battle sequence with four separate characters in a digestive tract, and aren’t easily offended (or Catholic), this is a show to see.

Peter 'n Chris Explore their bodies is at the Toronto Fringe

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