Friday, May 3, 2013

A Fly On The Wall, May 3, 2013

Preparing For Real Life
by Jim Murchison 

My return to the real world is imminent. While it is true that all things must end, I hope this isn't the end of my time on the stage. I am much better suited to a life of expression and play than I am to the corporate or political workplace.  

There are people that marvel at being able to remember lines and moves in front of an audience. I am impressed with people that have thought the steps needed to budget for extras and plan a retirement. My hope is that some day I retire from my day job and am healthy enough to play an old codger on a TD commercial or pick up character roles in plays and films for some extra mad money. 

In any event, I have had the rare privilege to get another opportunity to play with a fine company of actors and struggle, fail and succeed in varying degrees; and to feel the generosity of an audience's applause.
The houses have been reasonably well attended but this final weekend is iffy as to how many will come out. It saddens me a bit that the print media is lessening their coverage of the arts, but the future is most likely going to be online journalism like the kind provided here. A lot has changed but the feeling that you get in an audience or as a player on the stage is still an unwavering constant for me. I will always love the theatre.  

Taming of the Shrew continues at The Gladstone to May 5
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