Friday, September 16, 2011

The Friday Five, September 16, 2011

Did you know that the word “theatre” is actually an acronym? Most people don’t know the history. The name given to this form of live performance was originally written as “T.H.E.A.T.R.E. T.H.E.A.T.R.E.”. When deconstructed, it spells out sentences explaining the discipline. The following five historic couplets have defined an art form for eons - literally millennia.
by Matthew Raudsepp of Matt and Kyle and Matt

The Hero Enters At The Right Entrance
Then He Exits At The Right Exit

The Human Experience Amplified Through Rehearsed Encounters
Tantalizing Heroines Entice And Titillate Randy Eyes

Talking Heads Expressing Anything That Resembles Entertainment
This Happy Event Actually Tempts Real Evil

Tragic Hubris Explodes And The Room Emotes
Talentless Half-witted Eager Actors Typically Ruin Everything 

The Hope Every Actor Takes Retirement Early
Taxes Hinder Every Actor’s True Raison (d’)Être

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