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Here are the articles which have appeared about shows touring the Fringe circuit in 2013. If you would like to write about your own show, please contact us. For REVIEWS of Fringe shows, click here.

Features (general interest, listed reverse-chronologically from appearance of article)
- Final publisher's rant - for 2013 - for Fringe companies and organizers
Sarah Segal-Lazar takes you to her world: Island Fringe, 2013, in PEI
Keir Cutler on the "I'm a Genius!" syndrome - what artists are NOT learning as they tour
Video of the Week - Nocturne (HAMILTON)
Picture of the Week - The Collectors (WINNIPEG)
Video of the Week - 2 For Two (WINNIPEG, VICTORIA)
Notes from Mid-Fringe season from our publisher
AD Gwynne Hunt wraps up the first Alberni Valley Fringe
Picture of the Week - Mo and Jess Kill Suzie (TORONTO)
Video of the Week - Genesis and Other Stories (TORONTO)
Andrew Wade talks about touring with The Hatter (MONTREAL, LONDON, TORONTO, SASKATOON)
Joel Fishbane's picks for Toronto Fringe
Ottawa Fringe Wrap-up by Jim Murchison
- Video of the Week - Happiness™ (OTTAWA)
Picture of the Week: Six Guitars (OTTAWA)
Video of the week: Be a Man (OTTAWA, WINNIPEG, EDMONTON)
On What We Think Fringers should have Learned by now (dammit!)
Picture of the Week, June 13 - Fuck You, You Fucking Perv! (MONTREAL)
- Richard Burnett profiles Puelo Deir and Holy Tranity
Joel Fishbane gives you his picks for the Montreal Fringe - The Elephant in the Room, The Knocking Within, Obsession, Elvis is Water (also at Toronto Fringe), Angel's Share
- Join The Devil's Advocate to discuss if Fringe is ruining Canadian Theatre
Columnist Joel Fishbane celebrates the Fringe - with a parable
Montreal Fringe Press Conference
- Artistic Director Gwynne Hunt on the new Fringe Festival in Alberni Valley
- Janis La Couvée on How to Promote Your Fringe Show
- Fringe Rules - Thoughts for producers, organizers, reviewers and audience

Features (listed alphabetically by show title, followed by list of cities where the show will be appearing)
- $50-DOLLAR-A-NIGHT GIRL, THE Singer Melanie Gall talks about her tribute to the forgotten oldies (EDMONTON)
ADOPT THIS! Dan Bingham explains how his play has evolved. (TORONTO)
AROUND MISS JULIE - the company discusses its show (MONTREAL, OTTAWA, HAMILTON)
- ASK AGGIE - Christine Lesiak talks about the aha! moment and taking it on the road. (WINNIPEG)
- BALDING, THE - Jeff Gandell explains the metaphor at the centre of his play (MONTREAL)
- BORDERLAND - Izad Etemadi on the difficult journey towards creating his work (MONTREAL, REGINA, HAMILTON, CALGARY, EDMONTON)
- CRAVATE BLEUE - Jean-François Plante-Tan talks about creating his solo musical and taking his French-language work into the west (VANCOUVER)
DUSTY SHOES - Trilby Jeeves explains she is NOT a clown (EDMONTON, REGINA)
- EMISSIONS - Ann Cavlovic discusses her play and the comedy of the environment (OTTAWA)
- EXCUSE YOU! - Bryce Alexander Dudley on patrons-at-the-Fringe (TORONTO)
- FRUITCAKE: TEN COMMANDMENTS FROM THE PSYCH WAR (Rob Gee talks about his work and the personal experience which gave birth to it) CALGARY
- FUCK SHAKESPEARE - Writer Zachary Kornblum on his play (TORONTO)
- GRIM - Dyana Sonik-Henderson discusses creating a dance amalgam of Grimm stories (VICTORIA)
- HATTER, THE - Andrew Wade on the creation of his solo (LONDON, OTTAWA, TORONTO, SASKATOON)
HOLY TRANITY - creator Puelo Deir talks about his show (MONTREAL)
- INNOCENT WHEN YOU DREAM - Zeb L. West answers The Question about his work (EDMONTON, VICTORIA, VANCOUVER)
- I THINK MY HEART NEEDS GLASSES - Yana Kesala talks about her play (MONTREAL, WINNIPEG)
- JEM ROLLS ATTACKS THE SILENCE - The poet shares some of his works with us (MONTREAL, TORONTO, WINNIPEG)
- LOVE IN THE TIME OF TIME MACHINES - Gillian English on the work's creation (MONTREAL, ATLANTIC)
- MAKING LOVE WITH ESPRESSO - Lornezo Pagnotta talks about culture: Queer, and birth (TORONTO)
- MATCHSTICK - Kristen Holfeuer on the play
- POLLY POLLY - Jessica Moss on the joys of Fringe prep (TORONTO)
- SAPPHO...IN 9 FRAGMENTS - Jessica Ruano on the production's creation VIDEO (OTTAWA,with non-Fringe performances slated for Montreal and Toronto)
- SHOW MUST GO ON, THE - Jeff Leard on the experience which helped him create his play (CALGARY) 
- SINGLE BLACK FEMALE - Letitia Brookes on the importance of redefining images of black women (MONTREAL)
- SPOILED CHILD - Katherine Sanders talks about taking "celeb"to the circuit. WINNIPEG, VANCOUVER

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