Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: The Complete History of the Moustache

by Nanette Soucy

Perhaps more accurately titled, A Brief History of Kristian Reimer’s Dating Life, A Complete History of the Moustache is a casual and comedic lecture and presentation of Moustaches and the TV Dads who raise the men that wear them, which may or may not be based in historical fact. Delivered with enthusiasm and self-effacing improvisational charm and besought by the off-putting last minute venue change the presentation itself could use fewer slides, and a touch of dramaturgy in the interest of providing a few tidbits of trivia. The show manages nonetheless to take the audience poll’s moustache-appreciation numbers from 13 at the top, to 31 by the end. Reimer makes a convincing argument for the longevity of his lady tickler.


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