Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: (Montreal) Poutine Masala (Wildside)

Bollywood, Qc
by Rebecca Ugolini
If the grey winter landscape has you yearning for a little heat, the Bollywood-inspired dance numbers and light romantic comedy in Poutine Masala might be just the spice you need.
Choreographed by Deepali Lindblom, founder of the Deepali Indian dance company, Poutine Masala uses all the drama and comedy of Bollywood dance to tell the story of the cross-cultural love story between a free-thinking young Québecois man and a flirty but reluctant young dancer whose flight from an arranged marriage in India brought her to Montreal.
Poutine Masala takes some of its comedic cues from similar cross-cultural love stories such as Mambo Italiano and My Big Fat Greek Wedding,  overall, it's less of a serious Romeo and Juliet story and more of a light but hopeful meditation on the state of multicultural relationships in modern day Quebec. Despite a few rough transitions between scenes and a few flat moments in Stéfan Cedilot's otherwise bubbly and funny script, Poutine Masala finds its strength in its unique blend of costume, dance, and peppy English/French/Hindi repartee.

Poutine Masala's physically-diverse cast sends a positive message about the joy and freedom of dance in an industry and society where narrow standards of beauty mean that appearance sometimes trumps talent and passion. The costumes leave a little to be desired, if all-out Bollywood bling is what you're looking for, although overall the play features a realistic but still visually-interesting aesthetic.

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  1. Merci beaucoup! Thank you very much for the very nice evening viewing Poutine Masala at the Centaur theater.
    It was a very well done theater. We laugh a lot. We enjoyed very much the play of the acteurs and the originality of this presentation and seeing the "figurants" becoming table or lamp... We also appeciated the Bollywood danses and the colorfull costumes.

    Bravo to all thoses talented artistes!
    Hope they continue to produce work like this!

    Thank you again!


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