Monday, September 3, 2012

Openings We're Tracking This Week, September 3-9

Jersey Boys (photo credit: Joan Marcus)
They can belittle it by calling it a jukebox musical, but Jersey Boys has not only been adored by audiences worldwide but it actually snagged a packet of Tony Awards when it hit Broadway in 2005. Told doc-style, it spins around the music of the Four Seasons and, like its predecessor Mama Mia, it has  the audience damn close to dancing in the aisles and certainly singing along. Can you blame them? "Earth Angel", "Walk Like a Man", "My Boyfriend's Back" - holy Cow! (Vancouver)

Stones in His Pockets is an actors' show. Yeah, yeah, yeah, directors can try to put their fingerprints on it, but this story of a film crew coming to a small Irish town told by just two actors (playing scads of roles) will be remembered (and, we guarantee, reviewed) for its male performers. (Ottawa)

Chris Abraham, one of our greatest directors, is taking his show on the road and - whoa! - en français, when he directs a production of the seminal Seeds. In French it is called Grain(s) but still tells the story of Percy Schmeiser, the David who fought the Goliath that is Monsanto. Many of the same actors who have performed this work in English appear here. (Not to get sappy, but it's why we love Canadian theatre.) (Montreal)

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